Paralelo Festival de Dança

4 October 2019, 21H30
Dance - M6
10€ Stalls

Farde - Moi from the french “farder”, means trick me/do my make up. This physical theatre piece for five interpreters wants to explore the theme of identity in today’s society. How do we face diversity, in a world which is more and more scared by it? Soft and delicate landscapes, both visual and emotional, build a movement dialogue which is chimerical, yet carnal and highly physical. A big white cloud moves placidly in the space, until a disruptive wind, coming perhaps from within this calm entity, scatters its unity into a bunch of replicas. This journey which originates from the body and moves through it, questions how much the audience can engage with the stories of the performers. How can the personalities of these five characthers charm them, touch them or make them laugh?

Cie MF | Maxime and Francesco is an Italian-French company of contemporary dance and physical theater directed by Maxime Freixas and Francesco Colaleo.


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