The Institution

Teatro Micaelense – Cultural Center and Congress Hall, S.A., designated in short by Teatro Micaelense, is a public business entity, endowed with administrative, financial and asset autonomy, subject to the administrative supervision of the Regional Department for Education and Culture of the Azorean Government. 

The main mission of Teatro Micaelense is to assure the providing of a public service within the field of cultural promotion, through the presentation, production and co-production of activities from the most diverse artistic strains: from theater to dance, from classical music to jazz, from cinema to the visual arts and photography.

It is an open stage for the community and intends to be a driving force in the field of artistic creation, providing local creators with a space to present their work to the public.

In parallel and complementarily, Teatro Micaelense – Congress Hall takes on its place as a privileged instrument for the development of the MI sector (Meetings and Incentives) in the Azores, allowing for the holding of conferences, business meetings and other social events. 

Institutional Information

Board of Directors
Alexandre Pascoal (President)
Raquel Sousa Lima
Gonçalo Botelho

Administrative Services
Conceição Jesus

Financial Services
Cecília Sousa
Elisabete Chaves

Ticket Office
Tânia Andrade
Sandra Matias

Filipe Branco
Pedro Medeiros

Educational Service
Ana Almeida

Venue Hire / Public Relations
Helena do Carmo

Catarina Medeiros

Fernando Resendes*

Graphic Design
united by*
Rui Lopes*

Web Development
Hunt Global*

Technical Direction
André Conceição (Coordination)

Building manager
Carla Isidoro

Gabriel Borzasi*, Rui Viveiros

André Conceição, Luiz Furtado*

Marco Costa, Ricardo Rodrigues

Maria Sousa, Graça Cabral

Eduardo Ledo*

Front of House*
Beatriz Melo, Beatriz Pacheco, Carlota Cordeiro, Cátia Viveiros, Hélder Gonçalves, Hugo Jesus, Marta Sousa, Pedro Correia, Vitória Raposo

* Service Provider

Documentos Gerais
Plano de Gestão de Riscos de Corrupção - Junho 2018
Estatutos Teatro Micaelense
Informações Financeiras 2017
Certificação Legal das Contas
Demonstrações Financeiras
Informações Financeiras 2016
Certificação Legal das Contas
Demonstrações Financeiras
Informações Financeiras 2015
Certificação Legal das Contas
Demonstrações Financeiras