Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy regulates how the users’ data collected is processed when navigating Teatro Micaelense’s (TM) website and it’s the result of TM’s institutional concerns in terms of its users, privacy and data processing.

By browsing TM’s website it is made clear that the user knows and expressly accepts the availability of their personal data according to the conditions contained in this Privacy Policy.

1. Collecting and processing personal data

1.1. Teatro Micaelense
TM is responsible for the treatment of the users’ personal data collected, which will be processed according to the terms here described and for the purpose of providing the information, products and functionalities made available, as well as complying with the legal obligations.

1.2. Website use
Access to and browsing of the website does not include making the personal data available. Nevertheless, the use of certain website functions implies making a set of personal data (for example, when subscribing the newsletter, user ID) available. In such case, this functionality is only available if the personal data required are provided, which shall be treated for the sole purpose and in the terms described there..

1.3. Identification Data
TM collects the data inserted by the users for subscribing the ‘TM Newsletter’, which are mandatory for those who want to subscribe it. When subscribing and filling in the data, a valid email address is required and mandatory. In order to complement the ‘TM Newsletter’ subscription, TM may even collect additional data, which are not mandatory (as name and telephone number).

2. Processing personal data

2.1. TM processes the personal data for the website’s functionalities, namely sending newsletters, promotional information and direct marketing actions to divulge cultural and educational events.

2.2. One may, at any time, withdraw their consent for data processing according to the previous paragraph. In that case, the data will no longer be processed for this purpose, which does not invalidate the data processed up to that date, based on the consent given.

3. Storing personal data

3.1. The personal data necessary for the subscription of the newsletter will be stored while the subscription lasts.

3.2. The data collected for sending the newsletters will be stored while there is consent for such, being deleted when the consent ends and/or the newsletter is unsubscribed.

4. Cookies

4.1. In order to provide a more personalized and friendlier service to its users, TM uses its own and third-party Cookies to collect and store information.

4.2. The Cookie is a text file that is automatically stored in the users’ web browsers when the website is accessed. The Cookie allows TM and third parties to identify the server’s web browser, in order to store information to improve the users’ experience, as well as analyze and review the website’s performance.

4.3. Cookies can be considered as session Cookies or persistent Cookies. Session Cookies expire automatically when the web browser is closed. Persistent Cookies remain in the web browser until expiration date or until deleted. Expiration dates vary according to each Cookie, to their nature and purpose, and can be looked into in our Cookies list.

4.4. To each user corresponds an individual Cookie, thus guaranteeing data privacy and safety. The statistical data are presented in an aggregate manner and not individual, not allowing user’s identification. Thus, it’s possible to assess the website’s performance bearing in mind its constant upgrading and improvement in order to meet the users’ likes and needs.

4.5. Web browsers allow users to manage their Cookies. Users can configure the definitions of the respective devices to accept all Cookies, find out about a Cookie definition or never receive Cookies. It is possible, at any time, to turn off the Cookies’ function through the web browser, normally going to “Preferences” or “Tools”. For further information on web browser configuration, please go to the “Help” menu of same browser.

4.6. It is important to know that when Cookies are totally blocked some/all functionalities of the website may no longer be available.

4.7. Poderá informar-se mais detalhadamente acerca das cookies utilizadas no Website na nossa lista de cookies.

5. Keeping the data secure

5.1. TM guarantees that the data are kept private and secure during the users’ data transference by means of SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) cryptography.

5.2. Additionally, TM hereby states that it possesses and will maintain in operation all technical means at its disposal to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and misappropriation of personal data provided or transferred. In any case, it should be noted that by circulating the data on an open internet network, it is not possible to totally eliminate the risk of unauthorized access and use, so the user must implement appropriate security measures when browsing the website.

6. Complaints
Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial resource, the user has the right to submit a complaint to the National Data Protection Commission or other competent control authority in accordance with the law, if they consider that the processing of their data by TM violates the legal regime in force at any time.

7. Questions
Any question concerning the processing of the users’ personal data and rights under the legislation applicable, as referred in the present Policy, may be addressed to: 
Telephone: (+351) 296 308 340
Address: Largo de São João, s/n - 9500 Ponta Delgada

8. Changes to the terms of processing the personal data
TM may change this Policy of Privacy at any given time. These changes will be duly advertised in the website.

June de 2018