Walk & Talk

16 July, 19H30
Dance - M/6

Cabraqimera* is a dance piece for a skating quartet addressing a physical and technological contemporaneity. Based on speed sports, a spatial organizational system is created in order to establish a set of codes for occupation, interceptions and encounters. The plastic and hypnotic dimension of the gesture is evidenced by an autonomous light dispositive that reveals negative and positive spaces, projecting the body to an extreme otherness and opening the ground for fiction.


*Cabraqimera is presented in the context of Rede 5 Sentidos, of which Teatro Micaelense is a member. It was the only project in residence during Walk&Talk 9.5, in July 2020, in partnership with Arquipélago - Centro de Artes Contemporâneas.

Artística Artistic Direction Catarina Miranda Co-creation and Performance Duarte Valadares, Francisca Pinto, Lewis Seivwright, Madalena Pereira Light Design Letícia Skrycky Sound composition Lechuga Zafiro Sound Design José Arantes Costumes Simão Bolívar Dramaturgic support Cristina Planas Leitão (Tmp), Jonathan Saldanha Production and Promotion Sara Abrantes, Sofia Matos, Joana Silva / Materiais Diversos Executive Production Vanda Cerejo Co-production Materiais Diversos, Soopa, Teatro Municipal Do Porto, Walk&Talk, Cnd Centre National De La Danse (Paris/França), Ici-ccn De Montpellier —occitanie  Project financed by Rede Cultural 5 Sentidos (Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Teatro Académico Gil Vicente, Teatro Municipal Da Guarda, Cine-teatro Louletano, Teatro Micaelense, Teatro Municipal Do Porto, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro Nacional São João, Teatro Viriato)


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